Who am I - FAQ

Test yourself with these questions and discover how much you know about me…..

Q : Is your surname Giovanni or Giovannini?

A: I’m Italian so it’s Giovannini but abroad, especially in the US, they always call me Giovanni. I really love it as it’s a male name in Italian. So, my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame could be Anita Giovanni! Why not?

Q : Do you prefer to sing or to act?

A: Do I need to choose?

Q : Did you create Anita Luna or were you possessed by her?

A: Anita Luna and I are a de-facto couple. We are King and Queen. Accept it.

Q : OK. Who’s who?

A: That’s a secret between me and her…keep guessing!

Q : Anita Luna THE DIVA always looks so fabulous. She must be an expensive investment!

A: You know, She comes from the Moon. Over there, they don’t need money, makeup, hairstylists to be fabulous. She was born looking fabulous…

Q : You love body art and have many tattoos. Do they affect your career?

A: Yes, it makes me absolutely unique and unusual. I’m the first rock star tattooed DIVA in theatre.

Q : You currently live in Italy but you are always on tour around the world.  I hear Italians always pack Italian food to take with them when they travel. Do you do this?

A: I pack my sparkly mic and a good bottle of Sauvignon. But no spaghetti.

Q : You are the first Italian Bolognese woman to perform your one-woman show off Broadway.  Has the city already put up a statue in honour of you?

A: They are still trying to reach me to take my measurements.

Q : Do you prefer acting in Italian or in English?

A: English. That makes me the first EXOTIC rock star tattooed DIVA in theatre. Have you heard my accent? It’s unforgettable, absolutely unique!

Q : In your one-woman show, you are naked physically and emotionally in front of the audience. What’s more difficult to do, sharing your body or your soul?

A: In life, I’m a person who expresses herself. On stage, I feel totally free and liberated in my art. I don’t see a difference; my body is totally connected with my soul.

Q : Comedy or tragedy roles? Which is more you?

A: At the beginning of my career, I preferred dramatic roles. Now,  I love to make people laugh, especially when they laugh about my tragedies. Tragicomedy, definitely.

Q : You talk about being a tomboy in your childhood. Do people still mistake you for a boy now?

A: Since I turned 40, no. But before ,absolutely, yes! When I was 33 and rehearsing in a park, I made an entrance walking in on my hands.  A group of children were watching and they exclaimed “Look, a boy with big tits!!”. It gave me a flashback to my childhood when it used to happen all the time!.

Q : Is that your real nose?

A: Luckily, yes.  Its shape gives me superpowers. I can fly above the clouds like an eagle and I can swim in the deep ocean like a shark, thanks to it!

Q : Do you still do acrobatics at your age?

A: Watch me perform and be astonished!

Q : You often talk about meditation and yoga as life-changing. Why?

A: I used to get stoned in many ways to escape from reality. I then discovered a better way to get stoned – meditation and yoga rocks! It helps me to go deeper and find my real self. As an artist, you have a responsibility. Talent is a responsibility; not accepting and sharing it with the world will only hurt you. I feel we are all here to share and to make a difference.