Sleep My Mind

All my life, I’ve always put on paper, lines of poems, thoughts, emotions.

There came a moment when I felt these lines could be lyrics for songs and this brought me to study electronic music with Massimiliano Scarcia, a great musician and teacher. We met, we started working to put my lines to the right music, creating my personal style of singing and talking.

The lines came to me abruptly, inspirations coming in simple moments.

This is a concept album; you can listen to each song singularly or experience it from start to end like a trip.

The album starts with an intro track, representing the space travel of Anita Luna and Pedro The Black Cat from the Moon to Earth because they had a message for human beings on Earth.

The song “Underwear on Backwards” came to me one morning, waking up and finding I had my underwear on backwards. A literal representation of a moment and of my way of life – One shouldn’t feel wrong because something doesn’t conform to general expectations.

Blue Atollo” was inspired while I was painting my radiators this colour. I was on the white parquet floor, breathing in the paint fumes, hypnotised by it, thinking there is no right colour. Sometimes it’s black but sometimes it’s pink, like a pig tail. So, one should live life and not be focussed on one aspect. Life is colourful. Black, white and colours in the middle like pink. 

Coconut” came to me in the car, driving on an Italian highway, sipping a coconut juice, dreaming of California.  The phone rang, it was my boyfriend then. I started thinking of coconuts and …. You have to listen to the song to find out…

Laugh and Fuck” is my concept of life. Laugh. Make love. Don’t give a fuck about what people say, what people expect from you. This is the Magic Formula. Life is easy. Don’t make it difficult.

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Blue Atollo

acoustic version

Canzone di una giovane prostituta