Anita Luna THE DIVA - Bio

On a beautiful day in the Summer of 1940, Anita Luna THE DIVA was born. The paparazzi, having waited for months for her arrival,  waited outside the hospital for THE DIVA’s mother to make an appearance on the Royal balcony to show HER off to the world. This didn’t happen and that night, THE DIVA disappeared.

Years later, ultrasound images of THE BABY DIVA were published. Cat burglars broke into the Vatican Library and found this unbelievable treasure and they sold them to the paparazzi for an undisclosed sum. In the video above, one of the many life documentaries about THE DIVA, we can see these incredible ultrasound images of HER; we are indeed blessed. Anita Luna was already showing HER attitude, she was strong-willed and self-confident, and HER Super Powers in HER mother’s belly.

After 10 years of modelling, Anita Luna started her own fashion brand ‘Anita Teen’ at the age of 10. Years later, Marilyn Monroe said in an interview that THE DIVA was her Muse and she was obsessed about THE DIVA’s fashion brand, especially the ‘Pink Perolado’ and the ‘Fun Cremoso’ pink nail polish.

Einstein was Anita Luna’s godfather and by studying THE DIVA, he discovered the law of attraction. We know Einstein was atheist and in his private diaries found after his death, he wrote that his belief was shaken after being with THE DIVA. “Maybe I’ve been wrong all this time. Maybe GOD does exist : SHE is Anita Luna.”

THE DIVA’s influence is global. Putin keeps her photo as a holy card in his wallet. The Pope invites her to Castel Gandolfo every summer. Obama kept a portrait of HER in the Oval Room. He even gave THE DIVA a trip to the Moon as a birthday present.

Even in art, Anita Luna has inspired many artists – Picasso, Warhol, Dali, Caligaris have painted many pieces of THE DIVA.  However, the museums don’t put any portraits on display having found that they cause ‘The LUNA Syndrome’, similar but worse than the Stendhal Syndrome. Fans were found mesmerised, confused or even unconscious after viewing them.

Touring the world, Anita Luna has become the Pop Gladiator bringing to stage and Life, this magical fusion of the image of Pop and the HeArt of a lunar gladiator, a warrior of Light from the Moon.

Since 2007, she’s been producing a lot of her special Sauvignon ‘Chateau de ANITA’. Like her good wine, Anita Luna THE DIVA ages tastefully.

Anita Luna dies on stage every night to give meaning to your life. And every night, just as she dies, she comes back to life.

We are indeed blessed :  Anita Luna THE DIVA is Eternal.