Anita Luna THE DIVA - FAQ

Q : Congratulations! Anita Luna THE DIVA has met the Pope and Obama is a big fan.

A: Yes, since The Pope met me, he’s doing a better job. You know, he wears THE DIVA T-shirt under his robes, for good luck.
When Barrack was President, he kept a portrait of THE DIVA in the Oval room. Barrack used to say it was like a talisman; when he was in doubt, he faced this portrait and suddenly the answer came.

Q : Picasso said “I’ve been working with models all my life. Nobody is like Her. Anita Luna is a unique mix of beauty and sex appeal”.

A: Working with Pablo was fun. He painted 17 portraits of me. They’re still missing. Imagine how much they’re worth now.

Q : THE DIVA became famous when she was just a baby. A baby star.

A: I was famous even when I was in my mother’s belly. I was conceived famous.

Q : We hear that Einstein is THE DIVA’s godfather.

A: Yes, during my baptism, we were discussing gravity.

Q : Tell us about THE DIVA’s childhood.

A: Well… if you really want to know, you have to watch my show. It will be a life-changing experience for you.
And I’m going to tell you a secret now. Not everything you’ll see is the real story. You’ll spend the rest of your life guessing what’s real and what’s not.

Q : How did Anita Luna become a diva?


Q : Why THE DIVA? How is THE DIVA different from other divas?

A: I have super powers. I can do everything. I can act, sing, dance, do acrobatics. I am a mentalist. I can move objects and people using solely the force of my mind. But what makes me really, really, really THE DIVA is my pee, it’s pure Sauvignon that comes from the mountains of Himalayas.

Q : THE DIVA talks about the secret of irresistibility.  What’s Anita Luna’s secret?

A: Authenticity. It’s all about listening to your heart.
No one can tell me what’s right and wrong for me. Only my HeArt can do that. And my HeART has always told me : Theatre, Theatre, Theatre. That’s because it’s what I really love, I love theatre and that’s why I’m so great at what I do.
I will die on stage.  But don’t worry, I will never leave you. I will live forever in your heart, in your dreams.

Q : THE DIVA always looks stunning. What is her beauty regime?

A: Avocado. I can’t live without avocado; I can’t sleep without my avocado nut pillow. I can’t even start my day if I don’t have my avocado transfusion.

Q : What does THE DIVA do in her free time?

A: My hobby is myself. It’s entertaining, I can do it all day long, 24×7, I’m live entertainment. How could I get bored? I’m so fabulous. There’s nothing more fabulous than being THE DIVA.

Q : Does Anita Luna THE DIVA have someone special in her life?

A: Yes, they are very important to me. The guy who normally brings my avocados, my exotic garden gardener, my mozzo , my pool boy, my flamingos, and of course my Valet-TINO.

Q : Flamingos?

A: They are trained to specially take care of my wig. Only they know how to do it good.  Oh, …and one, Mr Flamingo, is also my agent.

Q : and Valet-TINO?

A: Valet-TINO adores me.  Valet-TINO.. He’s so good with my darling chihuawinis – Chichi and Kaka.  Valet-TINO is the only one who’s allowed to touch my avocado.
He’s irreplaceable! He makes us – me, the flamingos, Chici, Kaka  laugh a lot. That’s very important.

Q : How can THE DIVA be so famous and still never be seen in public?

A: It’s one of my super powers. Invisibility.
But you can always have me in your home. Just pop by my e-shop and fill up your house with all my fabulous items.  And if you really want to sleep in Paradise, just get THE DIVA pillows. I’ve been to Heaven and believe me, THE DIVA pillows are even better.

Q : We hear that DiCapro is dying to meet THE DIVA.

A: He’s called too often. He’s been added to my list of stalkers. To the millions of them.

Q : What’s Anita Luna THE DIVA’s vision for her future?

A: I don’t give a f*ck about the future. I’m too busy enjoying my fabulosity.